There have been two updates to Outlook for the Mac and one update to Teams for the Mac since they broke integration between the two (joining a meeting from reminders/calendar in Outlook). It’s still broken.

Currently reading: All Souls Lost by Dan Moren 📚

St. Louis City SC had a remarkable inaugural season. I’m disappointed they didn’t make it to the next round, but let’s be honest, everyone’s expectations were low for them this season. To do what they did was amazing. ⚽️

What’s this? A NNUTTHOWZE album? Ok.

Youtube has a feature where it tries to resume a video you were playing on one device on a new device. It never works for me and I see no way to disable it. I’m constantly stuck with the same video I already watched reappearing over and over as if I want to resume it every time I launch the app.

“New” Teams sucks so bad. One coworker can’t receive Teams calls because it just forwards to her voicemail. Earlier, it wouldn’t take me out of “Presenting” mode after a call ended until I restarted the app. What a joke.

If Apple is going to sell a brand new device that only charges to 80% by default to “optimize battery life”, then their battery claims are complete bullshit and their numbers should be based on that 80%. Side note, it’s 9:30 AM and my brand new Watch series 9 charge is already at 67%.

I haven’t posted on Twitter in ages. Trying to decide if I want to permanently delete my account. I don’t see ever going back, so there’s really no reason not to.

Whenever someone mentions country music I just think and hear Memphis Kansas Breeze.

I just discovered that the launcher widget I use added support for folders. I have no idea when it was added but it’s so awesome.

Happy 1989 day to all who celebrate.

If Siri won’t turn on your lights the first four requests, just get angry and say turn on the fucking lights and it will finally work.

It looks like the sleep focus bug has been fixed with the latest iOS update. I didn’t have to turn it off manually today.

I just love how Apple thinks it knows my day better than me. Love putting on my new watch and it be only charged to 80% when I will be away from home and chargers all day.

It’s kind of crazy to me that there is an MLS playoff game happening and it doesn’t look like it’s sold out. Support your teams. ⚽

I enjoy several Apple TV+ projects, but I don’t know that I would subscribe at the price increase if I didn’t find the other services in the Apple One bundle worth it as well. I worry it will make it less likely others will sign up because the value just isn’t there if you’re looking for quantity.

I should pick an NBA team to follow this year. The Nuggets are out because of Kroenke. 🏀

The reason reason you should get an e-bike: It’ll make you happier. This is true in my case. I actually look forward to running local errands now so I can ride my bike. Curbside pickup with an e-bike makes it even easier.

I’m having fun playing with the virtual channels feature in Channels. I’m basically recreating the cable of my youth.

Channels screen shot showing a guide of user created television channels