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  • Received a standing desk for my birthday and I purchased an adjustable stand for my iPad. Enjoying the new setup.

    Standing desk setup
  • Taking Play for a spin to manage video content I want to watch later. I love how simple and beautiful the app is. This will come in handy to track videos on YouTube I want to watch eventually.

  • The documentary about Rick Ankiel from MLB, Truth Be Told: Rick Ankiel, is so good.

  • Major League umpires are trash.

  • I was browsing the Mac App Store and found Essayist, which looks like a really well-designed app. I have no use for this now, but I would have loved this in college. It would have saved me so much time as a History major.

  • The City Rising series on St. Louis City SC’s YouTube is great. It’s a really well-produced docuseries about building St. Louis City SC the club and the team.

  • I love that the random, weird internet is making a comeback.

  • It seems like whenever I decide to turn on The Twilight Zone while I’m “flipping” through channels, I come across an episode I’ve never seen, despite owning the series on DVD and digitally and watching the New Years marathon every year.

  • The St. Louis Blues are a embarrassing hockey team. Not because they didn’t make the playoffs this year, though that’s pretty embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassing as the cowardice shown here. Such a disappointment.

  • For the first time in years I’m using MLB.tv (thanks to it being free with my cellular provider). They have really improved the interface. I love access to documentaries too.

  • Gmail is getting really bad at spam recognition. They used to be the best but I guess spammers have learned Google’s techniques. I get 2-3 spam emails in my inbox each week now. I never used to get any.

  • Saved by the ChatGPT

    I asked ChatGPT to write a Saved by the Bell episode. The results are pretty great. 

    Title: The Great Screech-in

    Synopsis: Screech wants to join a prestigious math club but he needs a recommendation letter from a teacher. Unfortunately, all the teachers hate him and refuse to write him one. When the gang finds out, they decide to throw a surprise party for Screech where they all write him glowing recommendation letters, hijinks ensue.

    (Scene: Bayside High hallway)

    Zack: (smirking) "Hey Screech, how's that math club coming along?”

    Screech: (looking downcast) "Not great, Zack. All the teachers hate me and won't write me a recommendation letter.”

    (Cuts to Kelly, Jessie and Lisa overhearing the conversation)

    Lisa: (rolling her eyes) "Typical Screech. Always trying to worm his way into elitist clubs.”

    Jessie: (scoffing) "As if being in a math club is something to brag about.”

    Kelly: (smiling) "Come on guys, let's do something nice for Screech. He's always been there for us when we needed him.”

    (Cut to: Screech's locker)

    The gang is gathered around Screech as he opens his locker to find it filled with balloons and a big banner that reads "We Love You Screech!”

    Screech: (tearfully) "I don't know what to say. This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.”

    Zack: (grinning) "That's not all, buddy. We're going to throw you a surprise party tonight and we've got a special guest lined up to write you that recommendation letter.”

    Screech: (excitedly) "Really? Who is it?”

    (Cut to: Later that night at the party)

    The party is in full swing with everyone enjoying themselves

    Who is it?! I don’t know. That’s where it cut off. I guess we’ll never know. 

  • The Tale of Jenny and Screech

    I’ve been fascinated by a new (to me) artist named Ren after his genius Hi Ren video. I didn’t think he would be able to top that song’s storytelling, but I was wrong. Before Hi Ren, he had a three song trilogy, The Tale of Jenny and Screech and it is just as good. He is such a good storyteller and the directing in the videos is fantastic. Ren is an artist to watch. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

  • Live activities in the MLB app are pretty cool.

    Live activities mlb Lock Screen
  • The Home tab of YouTube keeps recommending the same videos I’ve already watched over and over. It’s like it is not remembering what I’ve seen, but they show up in my history, so it knows I’ve watched them. Going on for weeks now, making YouTube incredibly less useful. Time to cancel Premium?

  • Harrison Ford has been excellent in Shrinking, but the scene between him and his daughter in episode 7 was so damn good. A punch in the gut.

  • Hi Ren

    There were no real winners and no real losers in psychological warfare. But there were victims. And there were students…

    Sometimes an artist, a video, the music, and the lyrics come together to create a perfect piece of art. Hi Ren did just that. 

  • Wasn’t expecting this.

    Oscar Meyer weinermobile
  • Happy De La Soul day.

    De la soul 3 feet high and rising
  • Pedro Pascal being on The Mandalorian and The Last Of Us at the same time is exactly like when Ed McMahon was on Star Search and TV’s Bloopers & Practical jokes. Two phenomenal careers! - Andy Daly

    I love Andy Daly’s humor so much. 

  • Apple isn’t making it easy to figure out how to watch a full MLS game that has already been played instead of the recap. Hint: if you scroll down to the How to Watch section of the match it’ll give you an option to watch full or recap.

  • Joey Votto annotates his own oral history. If you’re a baseball fan and don’t like Joey Votto, something is wrong with you.

  • St. Louis City SC needs to up their web/media presence. It’s Monday and they have no highlights from their first game (and win) on their web site. Nothing on their YouTube channel. What is going on? MLB teams update as the games progress with highlights. MLS needs to do better.

  • I was getting ready to post a reminder that De La Soul’s albums will be available on streaming for the first time next week and saw the news that Trugoy the Dove died. So sad. 

  • Proton has referrals now. That’s nice. If you’re looking for secure mail or a fast VPN, Proton is the way to go.