Me: Quits all open apps then installs macOS update. macOS: I installed the update and rebooted. Here’s all the apps you were using at some point, restarted to a half-assed state. Me: I didn’t ask you to restart my apps. Now I have to restart again. macOS: You’re welcome. ☺️

I just backed How Comics Were Made: a Visual History of Printing Cartoons on Kickstarter. History of print media is so fascinating.

Definitely recording this.

Pujols hits 3 home runs against the cubs in a game played on July 20, 2004

Maybe Don Garber is a genius and playing the long game. He’s going to use all the money collected from fines from players and coaches complaining and use that to pay the real refs, right?

FYI: if you’re interested in NWSL games that air on Ion and not sure how to watch, Ion is available on

It’s a bummer that MLS and NWSL games are on at the same time. I only have so many screens.

Me: Siri, play the album Sick Boi by Ren. Siri: ok, here’s some shitty remixes EP by a shitty group called The Chainsmokers.

How does Apple keep getting worse at this?

I was shocked to find out the Airport Utility app still exists and the WiFi scanning feature still works. Still comes in handy.

Currently reading: Criminal Deluxe Edition Volume 1 by Ed Brubaker 📚

With every new update 1Password gets more frustrating and less reliable. If I wasn’t forced to use it for work I wouldn’t. What a fall for what was once a great app.

Right before bed last night I spent an hour trying to get my Hue lights back online. I don’t know what actually finally got them back on, but that was weird and annoying. Never had issues with the bridge not being able to access the bulbs until last night.

Austin must be paying for the salaries of the scab refs this week.

You can tell a Chinese food restaurant will be good if you walk in and there’s a white poster board on the wall with 5-6 specials handwritten with Springfield Cashew Chicken at the top.

Watching the 1993 classic Airborne.

I was at Target and ran into my freshman year roommate from college. I haven’t seen him since college. Crazy

I really enjoyed the first episode of The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin. Noel Fielding is so great.

In 2024, do I really need to confirm my eye appointment:

  • Twice via email
  • Once via phone call
  • Twice via text

Seems like overkill.

This conversation with Mathew McConaughey on Men in Blazers about Austin FC and soccer in America is great.

Trying to setup an Eero at my parents new place reminds me how much I hate Eero. Stuck on registering and nothing I do gets passed it.