I went for a short 5 mile bike ride this morning. Half way in, it started raining for about 5 blocks, then I was out of it. So that was fun.

Watching the 1985 NLCS Ozzie Smith walk off home run game. I love being able to revisit these old games.

My only gripe with the new Overcast (so far) is no seek options (forward and backward) in the MiniPlayer at the bottom. It means an extra touch to open the podcast first.

Overcast update

This St. Louis City SC team just looks lost.

How can you tell someone has Sonos speakers? They will tell you. Over and over and over.

Now playing Sports by Huey Lewis and the News.

Sports by Huey Lewis and the News.

Now playing.

Eminem - the death of slim shady album.

I really wish there was a good iOS podcast app. The Podcasts app is garbage for power users and Overcast doesn’t support video in a world where more and more podcasts are offering video feeds.

I smashed my index finger in my front door on the day of the Kentucky Derby. It has still not healed. The nail is close to finally falling off. Hopefully it will be off within the next week.

I love finding weird, old records.

Hollywood hits front coverHollywood hits back cover.

Overcast has been forgetting my play position a lot recently. So annoying to constantly relisten to parts of podcasts because it can’t “remember” accurately.

I just saw a grown man wearing a coonskin cap.

St. Louis City SC fired Carnell. Meanwhile, the Cardinals’ front office is like, “Wait, you can do that?”

I enjoyed the new Ghostbusters movie. Put James Acaster and Kumail Nanjiani in more things.

You think it’s too late to cash in my Kool-Aid points? Got my eye on a super soaker.

Despite knowing all about the show, the cultural impact, the homages, I’ve never actually watched Twin Peaks. I think I may start watching it this weekend.

The Rickwood game last night was something special. More of this MLB.

The new dark mode in Microsoft Teams is awful. Blurry light grey everywhere.

The Ethernet cable from my switch to my access point just went bad. Never had that happen before. Weird.