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Someone attacking bulletproof glass with a nail gun because a nail is not a bullet sums up the GOP perfectly. Dumb, stupid terrorists.

For All Mankind is the best show on TV currently.

Sometimes I give my dog a bone by laying it across both my hands, palms up, like it’s an offering. I’m also fun at parties.

I think it may be time to start watching The Great British Baking Show again.

This week is flying by so far which means it’s going to hit me like a brick wall today and the rest of the week will crawl.

First time I’ve not had my dog on my lock screen. It feels weird, but I really like this one currently. ios 16 astronomy wallpaper

I wonder how many in the GOP have been shredding documents and destroying evidence since last night. Probably the whole damn party.

I had a Bulls-Eyes (Caramel Creams) for the first time today. Why didn’t you all tell me about these?

Google trying to tell other companies what to do with messaging is one of the funniest things I’ve read today. How many messaging apps do they have again? I think I’ve lost count.

“Trump sold classified information because if he didn’t Hunter Biden would have stolen it. He prevented a crime. He should get the Medal of Freedom.” A Trumper somewhere, for sure.

I know of The Sandman but have never read it. Watched the first episode of the Netflix series and I’m hooked.

What’s the best podcast app for iOS that’s not Overcast? Nothing against Overcast, it’s what I’m currently using, but I need to run some tests using a different podcast player but want to explore the best of what’s out there.

Space Explorers by Felix and Paul Studios on the Quest 2 is so amazing. VR video from on and outside of the ISS with interviews with the astronauts. You really felt like you were on the space station with them.

There was a kid standing on the corner holding a sign and dancing letting people know that the urgent care is now open. What are we doing, America?

What is going on over at WarnerBros/Discovery/HBOMax? This new leadership team seems pretty awful.

My dog wagging his tail as soon as he realizes I’m looking at him brings me such joy.

My phone has restarted each night while I slept since installing the latest public beta of iOS16. Submitted a crash report this morning but I have no idea what caused the restart since I was sleeping at the time. Good thing it came back up because it’s also my alarm.

I’m sad to see Bader go. He was a fun Cardinal. I think this is a good trade for the team though. Good luck in NY.

The Batgirl movie has been cancelled. That’s really strange considering they spent $90 million on it. I really don’t understand this.

FYI, if you’re thinking about trying the public betas of iPadOS but you also use the PeacockTV app, it crashes upon launch right now so you may want to hold off if it’s important to you.

I love the new Now Playing screen and the timer control in iOS 16. ios 16 now playing screenshot

Time to jump on the public beta train. iOS and iPad OS downloading now.

What a wonderful tribute to Bill Russell by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Every streaming service should allow you to browse by decade.

Another reminder of why I’m no longer a fan of the NFL and do not watch any games.