25 minute bike ride to start the day before it gets too hot. The wind gusts made going up some of the larger hills challenging but the extra push going down was fun.

It’s a good week for Angel Hernandez and the integrity of umpires.

News articles from the last week of multiple blown calls by Major League Baseball umpire Angel Hernandez

NWSL, Blues, and Cardinals tonight. Busy sports night for me.

I’ll have had my router for a week now and not one disconnect. Speed seems improved in almost all cases as well.

Do I like the Royals? No. Do I like when the Royals score 9 against Houston in the first inning? Absolutely.

This Notorious B.I.G. tifo is amazing.

I spent way too much time creating stream link files to add content from streaming services to Channels only to find out the Virtual Channels feature doesn’t support stream links. I use Virtual Channels almost exclusively and that may be a deal breaker for renewing my subscription. Disappointed.

Comedy Bang Bang is going on tour again and will be in St. Louis. I don’t get to go last time despite having tickets. Hopefully I can go this time.

I must watch Empire Records tonight in celebration of Rex Manning Day.

This ref for the City vs Dallas game must have bet on Dallas winning. Jesus Christ, what a hack.

These women’s NCAA March Madness games have been so fun to watch.

I was looking for an easy way to sync Google Drive and/or OneDrive to my Mintbook and found Insync. It kind of sucks that it’s $40 per account, but it seems to work pretty well so far. Going to give it the full 7 day trial.

I really do like the idea behind blot. I just don’t know what I’d use it for right now.

Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an underrated movie. 🍿

The Bally Sports broadcast tried to drown out the boos for Mozeliak, but you could hear them. Wonder if the fans booed the DeWitts too.

My WiFi issues are reaching a breaking point. I think I need too get a new router or access point. What brands do people recommend? Looking for WiFi 6E.

My most watched virtual channel in Channels has to be my Seinfeld channel. The Van Buren Boys strike again.

If you delete a message in Messages without reading it, the notification on other iOS devices does not go away. If you permanently delete the messages it still doesn’t go away. I guess my iPad is stuck with a notification badge forever now. Good job, Apple.

Baseball season is back. I cannot wait to be extremely disappointed in the ball club the Cardinals put together this year.