Now listening to Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle.

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle on vinyl

So you have to watch today’s Cardinals game on Roku but there is no Apple TV app for Roku. Great job, MLB. Guess I won’t watch those games.

Saw Brett Goldstein last night at The Fox. It was a funny show. The Fox was beautiful, as it always is.

The Chiefs’ billionaire owners, who just asked the citizens of Kansas City to fund a new stadium, are doubling down on bigotry. Cool.

“Apple refuses to do cellular Macs.” I listen to a lot of tech podcasts, pretty much all of them focused on Apple tech and Marco is literally the only one that continues to bang this drum on ATP. Apple “refuses” to do it because it’s more likely very few people care.

Old guy outside yelling into his phone, “Siri, who is Caitlin Clark’s team playing tonight?”

Siri didn’t know but I love that he asked.

New hat. Hey Nong Man.

Hey nong man comedy bang bang hat

The new HomePod Mini I’m setting up for my mom is on iOS 15.6. How long ago was this thing manufactured?

The Cardinals are a disaster. Can’t wait to see the response to their streaming option next year. Who would want to watch?

You know what would be absolutely wonderful? If I didn’t have to sign into Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, multiple times per day, sometimes per hour, because Microsoft can’t figure their shit out.

The Cardinals subreddit has a bunch of posts about the North American bird and not the baseball team right now and I salute them.

It’s obvious the St. Louis Cardinals organization doesn’t care about winning. If they did, they wouldn’t have let this go on for so long and get this bad. This is a continuation of years of decline. If ownership has given up on the team, so have I.

My plate is pretty empty right now.

Miles mikolas telling haters to eat shit in march. It’s May and the cardinals are the ones eating shit.

New album arrived today. Now playing Ren - Sick Boi.

Ren sick boi on vinyl.

If Apple really wants the TV app to be a success, they really need to do something about stale data. Too many times I’ve gone to Sports to see games that were played yesterday as Live.

Now playing: Deltron 3030.

Deltron 3030 on vinyl.

I’ve hated root beer my entire life. Now I love it. Getting old is weird.

Tuned into the Dodgers/Diamonbacks game to find they are in a bee delay. Yes, a bee delay.

1Password’s updated browser extension covers twice as much screen real estate and is 3x as annoying with password saving prompts.