I’ve been a Netflix subscriber since 2012 and that is coming to an end. Let’s be honest, this was a long time coming. A while back they decided on a business plan of quanitity over quality with their originals, have cut back on back catalogue spending, and cancel series before they are given a chance. On top of all of this, they are instituting new rules for accounts.

Netflix’s new usage rules basically don’t allow you to use Netflix outside of your home internet without jumping through hoops. If you do want to use it outside of your home internet, you have to use a temporary access code that grants access for 7 days. Why does it matter where I use Netflix if I’m not over my screen limit? What is the point of having a limit on the number of devices that can use Netflix at once if you are now going to restrict it to a single household?

My family gets Netflix as part of a family plan with our cellular provider. It is a perk of the provider. You don’t have to live in the same house to be on the same family plan, but now you will have to be in the same house in order to use one of the perks. I’ve confirmed this with the carrier. So now, that perk became useless to some of the people in the family.

What about flights? What about staying in hotels? What about road trips with kids? They just made the convenience of the service a lot more inconvenient and are treating their customers downright hostile.

Whoever is in charge at Netflix has nothing but contempt for their users. Even if they backtrack on this, I’m done with them. I removed the perk from my cellular plan (and will now get a monthly credit on my phone bill for the amount they would have paid Netflix even though this is not advertised as something they can do) and, as soon as my parents’ profile is transferred, will cancel my Netflix account for good.