To me that says it all about the journey I’ve been on as a Cardinal.

I started as this young guy who got sent home … because he just wasn’t ready.

Then I became a World Series champ … good arm, pitched well, barely knew a thing.

Then I became a champ again … but so much had changed from the time before. This time, I couldn’t use my arm to help the team — I couldn’t pitch at all. But I’d grown mature enough to help in other ways. For that second ring, I was ready. Ready to see the game outside of myself. Ready to be there for my teammates, like my teammates were for me. Source: Dear St. Louis by Adam Wainwright | The Players’ Tribune

It truly is the end of an era for the Cardinals. What a career Waino had and I’m happy he chose to make St. Louis his home for his career. Can’t wait to see (or hear) what he does next. I have no doubt he’ll be in a broadcast booth full time if he wants it.